Chill babes crystal set

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CHILL BABES Crystal set 

Is a special limited edition drop of crystals to keep you calm, relaxed, and super chilled.

Chill babes - Keeps you calm, chilled and relaxed and spiritually guided. Great for times you are stressed, anxious, overthinking or need intuitive guidance.

This set includes, a palo santo flower bouquet for cleansing your crystals and your space with love, a mini chill babes spray to cleanse your energy and your crystals on the go. 

6 crystals Danburite, Snow quartz, black tourmaline, Blue kyranite and selenite.



Danburite - Like walking around with a Zen master in your pocket. Helps with spiritual gudiance. 

Snow Quartz   -Helps you to focus and trust your gut instincts.

Black tourmaline - The bodyguard of negative energies, great at keeping you balanced ,optimistic and happy. 

Blue kyranite   -Has a deeply calming effect when held. Clears away anger, frustration, confusion and stress. Helps to relieve pain

Chlorite phantom Quartz - Cleanses your aura and energy is a powerful and relaxing purifier. this crystal will help you to see the beauty in change.

Amerthyst   - Great to help with sleep, inner peace, and tranquillity


Crystals  raise your vibration and protects and renews your energy. Each crystal has it’s own benefits to support you daily. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help us heal and improve our lives. When crystals touch our skin they are able to mix with our aura and help transmute, deflect and raise our vibrations.


Directions For Use:  All crystals are charged and cleansed before sending them out to you.  However when you receive them guide them to support you by setting an intention for them.  Wash your hands and then you can either use your palo santo stick or your chill babes spray. Then rub your palms together super fast to create energy and activate your chakras . Then hold each of your crystals between your palms visualise or feel light surrounding it as you set an intention for how you would like them to support you. Hold your crystal to your heart and set an intention so you program it to hold the highest good for you sand all who surround you. This is personal to you there is no wrong way to do this, imagine you are confiding in a friend for help and guidance, make your intention setting ritual honest and heartfelt. 

Cleanse your crystals by placing them in  your window under a full moon. You can also light your sage / palo santo / spray to cleanse them or with a selenite wand.

*Please remember that healing crystals are spiritual aids that support you to heal and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.