Bish Can't *** My Vibe- Energy Spray

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Bish can’t *** my vibe - Spray cleans your energy and keeps your vibe high from people and places that drain you. Helpful if you are around low energy people or you often have low energy thoughts. This is like walking around with a sage stick in a bottle.  Relaxing and comforting. Keeping you and your energy clean 

Everyday we connect with energies  that can change or influence our mood and wellbeing. You know when you go into a rave and the energy of happiness and excitement lifts your vibe even higher. Or you enter a room after a disagreement you can feel your energy change or you vibe lowers? ⁣

⁣Well in this age of social media reading or listening to someone else life can raise or lower your energy too. Friends and family can also drain your energy without knowing. That's why it’s good to clean your energy as often as you can with this energy armour. It’s like sage in a spray.  


The smell is like spicy black rose infused with clear quartz and black tourmaline crystals  to bulletproof negative energy and let love in. It’s your own Spiritual G in a bottle and it’s been made to guide you back to being your own healer. Use this spray as an alternative to burning sage or when you need to protect your energy on the go. It’s like your energy’s personal loving protective shield around you  


 Ingredients: pure essential oils- Clove, lemon,Sage,Frankincense, Basil, Clary sage, Lavender,Mixed with Rose water, distilled water, alcohol. Water from Chalice wells and the white spring in Glastonbury.  Infused with crystals that stay in your bottle  



Directions For Use: Spray it in your home  to cleanse the space and around your body for instant high vibes, to cleanse a negative work environment. You can use it when travelling to bless your journey, use it after being around a person / busy space that has drained your energy. This magical formula helps to ease you after a hard day or when you need help to sleep at night. Shake it often to release cage energy in your crystals and to set an intention for them to guide you. 

*Please shake well before use.