Introducing you to a one of a kind urban Luxé Retreat. The Get lit retreat is a new fresh approach to self care, healing and spirituality.

The Get lit retreat is the first of its kind , this experience is a unique urban alternative to your ‘everyday wellbeing retreat ‘, that is infused with r&b and old Skool garage.

It allows you to free your inhibitions and dance like nobody is watching (Literally as you are blindfolded for one of the workshops) .

Bringing you meditation in the form of movement as well as stillness and allowing you to enjoy deepening your self love, intuition and spirituality in a safe space.

The retreat is enjoyed by people who have never looked into spirituality or been to a retreat before and those who are spiritual OG’s and would like to try something different.

Even if you can’t make it to a retreat in real life we have developed the tools in our shop to bring the retreat to you. So you can make your home into your own spiritual traphouse. We are here to help you become even more fly, confident and content. To help you truly get lit from within wherever you are in the world.

We give you the tools to fall more in love with yourself.