Cali Big Poppa - Super Cleanse Bouquet

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This sage bouquet is long lasting, great for gift to yourself or a loved one to help cleanse and clear the energy around yourself and your home.

California white sage is to cleanse, clear and protect the energy in your home and around your body.

This bouquet is wrapped in the style of a flower bouquet with flowers and herbs  for you to from the page of one of our most loved fashion or music magazines bringing a modern day touch to a sacred traditional practice.


1 Sustainable white sage smudge stick 

1 set of dried flower and herbs

1 personal blessing - please enter any details you wish for the blessing in the section when you checkout.

3 palo santo stick

cedarwood incense rope

5 incense stick

 1 Big selenite wand 

1 lavender bag- to help you sleep

1 scallop shell

1 mini Bish can't kill my vibe spray 

1 gold feather to remind you angels are near and to waft smoke around 

1 playlist link to help your release and protect your energy and help clear your space


Burning sage is known to remove negative energy + negative ions, which aid the body in demolishing built-up bacteria and releasing feel-good chemicals from the brain.


Will be in a guide explaining how to use your  Papi bouquet