Bish can't *** my vibe roll on

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Bish can’t  *** my vibe  - Elixir roll on cleans your energy and keeps your vibe high from people and places that drain you Helpful if you are around low energy people or you often have low energy thoughts. This is like walking around with a sage stick in a bottle.  Relaxing and comforting. Keeping you and your energy clean.
Use this roll on to clean your and energy raise your vibe, It’s a reminder to breathe, relax and pause. Let it guide you back to being high vibe, loving, happy and cool. Use this as an alternative to staying distant, reserved, angry, cold, anxious, overwhelmed or stressed. Allow it to relax you on the go, at work or at night before bed.

Inside each bottle are four miniature crystals.
Amethyst - A zen den in a crystal helps with stress relief & attracts positive energy.
Clear Quartz - The G of crystals the master healer can amplify the energies of other crystals. Helps guide you back to yourself.
Smokey Quartz - A therapist in crystal form helps to calm a busy mind, eliminate fears, relives anxiety, stress, tension. lifts feelings of depression and negative thoughts and worry's.
All crystals are cleansed and charged,
Directions For Use: Roll on to your pulse points, insides of your wrist, chest,behind the ears, back of the neck, temples and feet. If you feel called to rub your palms together super fast to create energy and activate your chakras . Then hold your Chill babes roll on between your palms visualise or feel light surrounding it as you set an intention for how you would like the energy and the crystals inside to support you. Repeat an affirmation of your choice or the one on the side of your bottle.
Lavender pure essential oil- Soothes anxiety, calms the mind and relaxes the body. Frankincense pure essential oil- a natural antidepressant, helps you to focus, eases irritability and restlessness. Super powerful at removing negativity from the body and purifying spaces. Clary sage pure essential oil- Diffuses negative energies, balances hormones & strengthens qi (life forece) Ingredients

Clove, lemon, sage, frankincense, basil, clary sage, lavender, sweet almond, coconut oil.