Day / Night Ritual gift set

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DAY/NIGHT ENERGY SET- Take care of your self everyday with this luxury tray of love & Chilled Vibes. This set consists of 14  tools to support you and your self love.
1. Ritual kit guide
1.Love story spray helps to protect and cleanse  your energy with love all day, With Rose quartz, Clear quartz, Aventurine  and smokey Quartz crystals in the bottle to support you.
1.Cocolino bath soak with coconut power Epsom salt and vanilla  essential oil and a Clear quartz crystal. Using this soak is like soaking in an ocean of pure good energy. It will help you to soothe, cleanse your energy and deeply relax.   

1 Chill babes- Elixir roll on helps to relax & calm.

1 Selenite wand-wand master of clearing and chilling. Connects to angels and cleanses your aura

3 Incense sticks - To burn when you are bathing, to uplift your spirit & encourage  emotional release,

1 Palo santo stick- Palo santo is Spanish for Holy wood it comes from a deeply sacred tree and is amazing at cleansing energy and has healing benefits much like sage. It has beautiful sweet smell with tones of pine, mint and lemon.

1 Gold feather- to remind Angels are near and to use to waft smoke around when burning your palo santo.

1 Rose stem- for love, happiness and emotional stability,

1 Lavender bag- To place under your pillow for love, relaxation and serenity

1 Glass Mirrored Tray - To hold all your tools and remind you how important loving your self.1 Crystal Glass Candle - to hold your tea light candle that you will burn your palo santo on. When the light hits the glass it beams ranibows around your room.

1 Bubble wand- for manifesting your desires

Use this set to help you every day.  To set intentions, protect and cleanse your energy, calm and relax you. Bringing you back to a state of inner love and chill. Let it this guide you daily to feeling good and supported. Use this as an alternative to  putting everyone before yourself, ignoring your feelings, having stuck energy & overwhelmed or stressed. allow it to protect you, deepen your love and relax you on the go, at work or at night before bed.

Inside each bottle are miniature crystals.
Aventurine - The loving Gran in a crystal helps  with love, the heart chakra, self confidence, abundance and success has a calming, soothing energy.
Clear Quartz - The G of crystals can amplify the energies of other crystals. Helps guide you back to yourself.
Rose Quartz - A hug in a crystal. Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It supports you with your self care & being compassionate towards yourself.
Smokey Quartz - calms a busy mind, eliminate fears, relives anxiety, stress, tension. lifts low feelings.
All crystals are cleansed and charged,