Glow bracelet

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Glow Gratitude  Crystal bracelet with benefits.

The glow gratitude bracelet has been made with a smile because wearing it enhances joy and Increases self worth, confidence, divine love, heart connection. The smiley face is your constant reminder to find gratitude and to be loving, gentle and nurturing to yourself.




Golden aura Quartz  a happy and joyful crystal.


Wearing crystals on your body raises your vibration and renews your energy. Each bracelet has it’s own benefits. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help us heal and improve our lives. When crystals touch our skin they are able to mix with our aura and help transmute, deflect and raise our vibrations.



Directions For Use:  All crystals are charged and cleansed before sending them out to you.  However when you receive them guide them to support you by setting an intention for them.  Wash your hands then rub your palms together super fast to create energy and activate your chakras . Then hold each of your bracelets  between your palms visualise or feel light surrounding it as you set an intention for how you would like them to support you. Hold your crystal to your heart and set an intention so you program it to hold the highest good for you sand all who surround you. This is personal to you there is no wrong way to do this. Make your intention setting ritual honest and heartfelt. 

Cleanse your bracelets by placing them on your window under a full moon. You can also light your sage / palo santo to cleanse them or with a selenite wand.

**Do not wear your bracelets in water.