Love Story- Energy Spray

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LOVE STORY - Energy Armour spray helps cleanse your good energy and space whilst bringing in love and light. its like sage in a spray.  


Tones of honey , lemon and Rose, infused with clear quartz and black tourmaline crystals to bulletproof negative energy and let love in. It’s your own Spiritual G in a bottle and it’s been made to guide you back to being your own healer. Use this spray as an alternative to burning sage or when you need to protect your energy on the go. It’s like your energy’s personal loving bodyguard.


Orange pure essential oil - High vibe and lifts negative energy  

Frankincense pure essential oil- Super powerful at removing negativity from the body and purifying spaces.

Rose pure essential oil- loving, emotional stability 

Grapefruit pure essential oil- Helps to raise self love and reconnection. 

 Vanilla pure essential oil- Relaxing, soothing and calming  

 Ingredients: pure essential oils- orange, vanilla,rose geranium, frankincense and grapefruit. Mixed with Rose water, distilled water, alcohol. Water from Chalice wells and the white spring in Glastonbury.  Infused with crystals.



Directions For Use: Spray it in your home  to cleanse the space and around your body for instant high vibes, to cleanse a negative work environment. You can use it when travelling to bless your journey, use it after being around a person / busy space that has drained your energy. This magical formula helps to ease you after a hard day or when you need help to sleep at night.

*Please shake well before use.